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Interest Rates Over Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

By |2020-02-21T11:00:17+00:00February 21st, 2020|

Some Highlights: With interest rates hovering at near historic lows, now is a great time to look back at where they’ve been, and how much they’ve changed over time. According to Freddie Mac, mortgage interest rates are currently hovering near a five-decade low. The impact your interest rate has on your monthly mortgage payment is significant.

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

By |2020-01-10T20:27:00+00:00January 10th, 2020|

  Some Highlights: On January 10th of each year, “National Cut Your Energy Costs Day” encourages consumers to reduce their overall energy costs by improving home efficiency. According to Freddie Mac, a typical U.S. family spends $2,200 per year on energy bills. By making energy efficient upgrades, you could reduce your energy bills by up

Get Your House Ready To Sell This Winter

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  Some Highlights Winter is a great time to list a house, since inventory is traditionally low, and most sellers are holding off until spring to put their homes on the market. Waiting for warmer weather when more competition is on the market will only put your house up against many more choices for buyers.

The Cost of Renting vs. Buying a Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

By |2019-11-15T19:58:04+00:00November 15th, 2019|

  Some Highlights: Historically, the choice between renting and buying a home has been a tough decision. Looking at the percentage of income needed to rent a median-priced home today (27.7%) vs. the percentage needed to buy a median-priced home (17.5%), the choice is clear. Every market is different. Before you renew your lease, find

What You Need to Know About the Mortgage Process [INFOGRAPHIC]

By |2019-11-06T17:44:09+00:00October 11th, 2019|

  Some Highlights: Many buyers are purchasing homes with down payments as little as 3%. You may already qualify for a loan, even if you don’t have perfect credit. Your local professionals are here to help you determine how much you can afford, so take advantage of the opportunity to learn more.

5 Homebuying Acronyms You Need to Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

By |2019-11-06T17:49:13+00:00October 4th, 2019|

    Some Highlights: Learning the lingo of homebuying is an important part of feeling successful when buying a home. From APR to P&I, you need to know the acronyms that will come up along the way, and what they mean when you hear them. Your local professionals are here to help you feel confident

What Is the Cost of Waiting Until Next Year to Buy? [INFOGRAPHIC]

By |2019-11-06T18:06:16+00:00September 27th, 2019|

  Some Highlights: The “cost of waiting to buy” is defined as the additional funds necessary to buy a home if prices and interest rates were to increase over a period of time. Freddie Mac forecasts interest rates will rise to 3.8% by Q4 2020. CoreLogic predicts home prices will appreciate by 5.4% over the next 12

4 Reasons to Sell This Fall [INFOGRAPHIC]

By |2019-09-20T10:00:49+00:00September 20th, 2019|

Some Highlights: Buyers are active in the market and often competing with one another for available listings. Housing inventory is still under the 6-month supply found in a normal housing market. Homes are still selling relatively quickly, averaging 31 days on the market.