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What Should I Know Before Selling a Home?2018-07-12T22:28:00+00:00

What Should I Know Before Selling a Home?

Helpful tips from the Gateway Team about selling a home!

Depersonalize and declutter your home, this means before selling a home take out personal items as well as taking away the personal connection. Think of the house not as your “home” but as a house that you need to sell. Taking out personal photos and items not used every day will help to depersonalize and declutter the house as a whole. Taking out these items can also make the house look more spacious and open. Organizing closet and cupboard space will also help to keep he house looking nice and clean.
Look into getting and agent, getting an agent will be the best way to ensure an easy sell. A licensed relator will be able to help you set up showings and help to negotiate with other people and their representation. They will also be able to help set the best asking price and what other home in the area are going for. This is the best way to go as most the heavy lifting gets done by the relator. Here are some great one in your area!
Consider curb appeal, this is the first thing anyone is going to see that comes looking at your house. Frist impression are important even when selling a home. You want people to see the front of the house and think it looks nice and well put together. It should draw potential buyers to the home so that passersby might take a second look. Doing a little work can go along way especially if you put pictures of the house online and on social media. Other places like data banks and housing sites will require photos as well and that’s all the more reason to work on curb appeal.
Look into your local housing market, looking at the housing market will be able to help you decide on an asking price. Asking to much and asking to little are both good and bad in different ways. When asking to much people are much less likely to put offers on the table. That being said it does give you some where to go after the offer is made. On the other hand, asking for a low price will yield you a lot of offers but not give you as much of a buffer. The perfect asking price is somewhere in the middle and doing your research about the market around you will help to find the value of your home.

In Which Communities Do You Operate?2018-07-13T15:50:46+00:00

In Which Communities Do You Operate?

A glimpse of what we do, and where we do it!

We can, and will, help you sell or buy anywhere in Colorado! Our Realtors hold Colorado state licenses. This allows us to go anywhere within the State. Our office is located in Morgan County, Colorado. The towns located here are Wiggins, Fort Morgan, Brush, Weldona, Snyder, and Hillrose. But we don’t let our location stop us! We do business in Phillips, Washington, Weld and Larimer Counties too! In fact we are all over Colorado! With our ability to list on the most popular MLS’s in our area, the internet and social media, and information exchanges nothing will stop our superior customer service from reaching all areas of Colorado.
Gone are the days of “local” listings and Realtors with books to show you. People are shopping via the internet now. Be sure to pick a company that will get you property in the eyes of the consumer like us, Gateway Realty LLC. When you list with us, your property will go out to hundreds of information exchanges! Websites such as Coloproperty.com, Realtor.com, Zillow, and Trulia just to name a few.
Give us a call to find out more about our services.

Owning Versus Renting2018-07-13T15:58:16+00:00

Owning Versus Renting?

A Gateway Introspective on Buying vs Renting

When looking for a new place to live, the first question you ask yourself will help drive the rest of your decision-making. Should you rent or buy? Buying may seem appealing because you will put an end to escalating rents in Colorado and can build equity. But the reality of routine home maintenance and repairs can quickly drain a bank account.
In general, whether renting or buying is better for you largely depends on your specific circumstances.
Here are some basic questions to consider when thinking about buying a home. so owning versus renting whatever you decied to do. look into whatever you are thinking about and see what option is best for you.
How long do you plan to stay there? If you expect to relocate in just a couple of years, renting could be a better option
How much home can you afford? If you can’t afford a home large enough to fit your family in a few years, it may be worth it to rent while you save a bit more.
What’s on the market? If you can’t find a home you like, it’s likely not worth tying yourself to something you’re unhappy with. Consider renting until the perfect home comes along.
Another consideration: Stretching your budget for that dream home may actually make you miserable! You don’t want to be “house poor”.
Can’t decide if buying is for you? Gateway Realty LLC has lots of contacts for lenders in Colorado. Give a call and we’ll give you some names to start with, 970-483-7373 or 970-867-7373.

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Client Reviews

“The team at Gateway Realty was wonderful to work with! No pushy sales people here! Local knowledge and quick responsiveness from my agent Susan gained us the perfect place we were looking for!”

dmalms • Bought a Single Family home in 2017 in Fort Morgan, CO

“I was a first time buyer and Gateway helped me find the perfect home. My agent was very patient with me and we moved into our new home in no time! Thank you Gateway Realty!”

akauezq • Purchased a home in 2015 in Fort Morgan, CO

“Best realtor in Colorado! Glenn has assembled a team of true professionals. I appreciate their dedication and attention to detail. If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, look no further!”

Joel W • Worked extensively with Gateway in the past

My agent was Susan Browne. She is an amazing person and I loved working with her! Susan understood my situation I had and helped me find the right home for our family. I would recommend her and Gateway Realty LLC to anyone!

Patsy G • Purchased a home in Eastern Colorado

“We had an another agent prior to Susan Browne who told us that finding our home was impossible. After talking to Susan at Gateway Realty for only an hour we hired her. Within a couple days we had multiple houses to look at. She found our exact dream home in our budget! Susan and the team at Gateway Realty LLC will definitely be our first choice for any future real estate transactions!”

childerstim83 • Bought a Single Family home in 2017 in Fort Morgan, CO

“Beth was a great blessing as our realtor! She always was available to answer our questions and help with the issues that come with selling a home. She quickly found a title company error from years before so our sale was not delayed.

Cathy K. Happy Home Buyer

“It was such a pleasure working with someone who was so invested in our search and really listened to what we wanted.  You helped make this experience fun and we could not be happier with the home we found. You did a great job!  If we ever decide to search for a home again or know friends or family searching for a home we will definitely send them your way!  We appreciate you, THANK YOU so much!”

Brittany W. - Pleased Customer

“Beth was amazing! She is down to earth and extremely helpful. She went out of her way to make sure we had what we needed when we needed it. I recommend anyone looking to buy a house to go to Beth!”

Rob J. - Proud Property Owner

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